Downloaded over 20,000 times and cited in over 400 peer-reviewed publications. AltAnalyze has hundreds of active users and is being actively developed as an open-source project.

AltAnalyze recieves funding from NIH National Cancer Institute (R01CA226802).


Example Datasets
AltAnalyze Tutorial Inputs and Results

AltAnlayze is compatible with diverse input files for use in its automated workflows or à la carte analysis options. Workflows are compatible with input text files (e.g., TPM estimates), raw sequence files (FASTQ), already aligned sequence results (e.g., BAM, BED files) and technology specific input file formats (e.g., 10x Genomics, Affymetrix). Alternatively, simple text files results can be loaded within the AltAnalyze à la carte menus to quickly obtain hierarchical clustering results, protein-gene-metabolite networks, dimensionality reduction plots, data integrated pathways, pathway enrichment results and more. Example inputs and outputs are provided below along with tutorial pages. A list of system-codes can be found here.